Types of Hummingbird Feeders

There are two major types of hummingbird feeders available in the market for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers.  Despite the different shapes, sizes and colours in which they may appear most of them will fall into either of the two categories.

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Hummingbird Feeders

The vertical bottle feeders

The horizontal basin feeders

The Vertical Bottle Feeders

The design behind the vertical bottle feeders is as simple as the name implies, it consists of an inverted bottle with attached ports where birds can reach the sugar water. The bottle makes use of gravity to dispense the liquid syrup inside its container. The bottles may be made from either glass or plastic depending on the manufacturer.

In order to attract the shy hummingbirds, the vertical bottle feeders usually come in bright and colourful shades of red and yellow with soft, life like petals that resemble flowers to serve as ports through which the birds can reach the sugar water.  These modern versions usually come equipped with bird friendly perches that allow the humming birds to rest and drink instead of hovering and expending extensive amounts of energy just to feed.

Another common feature in vertical bottle feeders is the existence of filters and guards to ward off stray bees and wasps. Other nectar and syrup loving insects like ants are usually prevented by installing a homemade moat filled with water above the vertical bottle feeders that are usually hung up by a rope or string attached to a hook or branch.

The vertical bottle feeders are easy to clean once properly disassembled and washed with a bottle brush. Homemade versions of the vertical bottle feeders are easy to create from old glass bottles, and creating a unique individual feeder may come as a fascinating way to pass time.

The Horizontal Basin Feeders

As described by its name, the horizontal basin feeder consists of a plastic basin with a tight fitting lid that is attached to a metal rod, which may then be suspended at the required height by a branch or pole. The lid being the part of the feeder that contains the perch for the birds and their feeding stations or ports, is usually given a bright and attractive colour like red.

With its simple design of a clear basin reservoir and the lid that shuts tightly, it allows for easy cleaning and refilling of the feeder, while avoiding dripping or leakage.  The basin feeders usually come with inbuilt moats that prevent ants and other crawling insects from getting into the sugar water, so far as the moat is kept operational by filling it with water.

The artificial petal or flowers on the lid serve as guards to prevent against bees and wasps that might be attracted to the nectar. It also keeps raindrops from falling into the sugar water reservoir by the special angle which it has that makes all water slide off keeping it clean and dry.

Some horizontal basin feeders may be kept by the windows or out in the open depending on the choice of the nature enthusiast.  The horizontal basin feeders are usually very easy to clean and use as they do not require any special maintenance other than the usual wash and dry.

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