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AVOCET    Recurvirostra avosetta
Contact simonandpat.cox@gmail.com Telephone 01255 820749
Ringing details   BTO ring   EX75814 Colour-rings GB-GW
Date Location Age Grid Ref Co-ordinates Ringer(s)
24.07.2013 Holland Haven, Essex, UK 1 (pullus) TM2218 51°48N 1°12E S.Cox
Date Location Grid Ref Co-ordinates Observer(s)
19.08.2013 Holland Haven, Essex, UK 3 TM2218 51°48N 1°12E M.Rodwell
24.08.2013 Orfordness, Suffolk, UK 3 TM4549 52°05N 1°34E M.Marsh
02.02.2014 Orfordness, Suffolk, UK 4 TM4549 52°05N 1°34E M.Marsh
18.05.2014 Minsmere, Suffolk, UK 4 TM4766 52°14N 1°37E J. Rankin
23.05.2014 Minsmere, Suffolk, UK 4 TM4767 52°14N 1°37E J.Lanfear