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Birds of the Haven (v4 September 2011).


Welcome to the updated species list for Holland Haven.  In addition to all relevant records for 2010 we have also included additional historical data that has subsequently come to light since the posting of the previous version.  A number of species summaries have also been re-written and/or expanded.

With the addition of Alpine Swift, Baird’s Sandpiper and the recent decision by BOU to upgrade Siberian Stonechat to full species status (September 2011), Holland Haven Birding.com now recognises a total of 264 species as having been recorded from within the site boundaries up to and including the 31st December 2010.

All 264 species are listed below complete with either a status summary or, where site rarities are concerned, dated records of each known occurrence.

Holland Haven Birding.com accepts that data for a few species may still be incomplete and work continues to unearth such historical records which may be missing.  Also, some species known to have occurred have been deliberately omitted as some critical details, specifically the date of record, have been lost (i.e. Goshawk, Golden Oriole). Should any readers be aware of any such (or similar) omissions we would be most grateful for details (minimum of species name and date seen) that may then be included in the next refresh scheduled for mid 2012.

With just three new additions to the list (following two added in 2009), ample scope still remains for further species to be recorded and for the overall site list to push towards the 270 mark in the foreseeable future.  For example Kentish Plover and Tawny Pipit, both of which have been recorded ‘either side’ of the Haven at Walton-on-the-Naze and Colne Point respectively, seem likely candidates.  (A third such species, Sub Alpine Warbler - was found at the Haven this August and full details will appear in the next updated version of ‘Birds of the Haven, along with all other relevant records for 2011).  Or perhaps with ringing now once again fully established we can optimistically dream of an Aquatic, Radde’s or Dusky Warbler being found early one autumn morning hanging in the bottom shelf of a mist net?  A full list of other ‘hot tips’ can be found within the introduction of the “Holland Haven 2010 Bird Report” which can be found under the page tab of the same title.

This species list is maintained by Holland Haven Birding.com solely on the basis of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. That is to say we apply no other criteria, i.e. county or national record assessment, which is why certain records appearing below, having for various reasons never been submitted, may not be found in any county or national report.


Pete Davis                                                                                                                                   September 2011


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