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Colour Ringed Avocets

The group started colour ringing the pullus Avocets that bred on the scrape in July 2013 and if breeding is successful in coming years the project will continue.  

Below are the colour codes used and dates of ringing.

The site colours are green over blue on the left leg placed on the tibia and 2 other colours on the right tibia and a metal BTO ring on the right tarsus.

Should you be fortunate enough to see any of these birds while out and about please forward us the details. Ideal information would be the 4 colour code, site noted, time and date.

Send sightings to gary.g.gardiner@gmail.com or simonandpat.cox@gmail.com

Below are the current colours in use, this is with the bird front on.

Ring Sequences

The history of these birds are available by clicking the appropriate colour-coded reference.









           GB/GR                                     GB/GB                     GB/GY

                   04-07-2013                                          04-07-2013                                  04-07-2013




            GB/GW                     GB/GN                      GB/GO 

            24-07-2013                                       24-07-2013                                      27-06-2014                 



                   GB/YR                       GB/YB

                    25-06-2015                                        16-07-2015