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Holland Haven RECORD Year List 2007

Gary Gardiner


This is the current record set by Gary in 2007 with a year end total of 175


Witnesses: AEC = Tony Critcher, SC = Simon Cox, PRD = Pete Davis, PBru = Peter Bruce, JBS = John Sawyer, PNt = Pete Newton, KA =K.Aldous, CA = Clive Atkins, AD = Adrian Doling, PB = Paul Betis, PBra = Paul Brayshaw, M/0 = Many Observers, U/W = Un witnessed




  Black-throated Diver                           1 south on 10th Nov (AD), 1 on the sea on 3rd Oct (KA)

  Great Northern Diver                          1 south on 17th Feb (PB), a juvenile on sea 28th Nov (u/w)

  Red-throated Diver                              Seen throughout the winter months in small numbers

  Little Grebe               

  Great Crested Grebe

  Red necked Grebe                               north on 8th Oct (PRD/KA)

  Northern Fulmar                                  Several seen, first seen on 22nd May

  Manx Shearwater                                2 on 10th Sept, 2 on 15th Sept (KA)

  Sooty Shearwater                                 2 south on 1st Oct (JBS)

  Northern Gannet  

  Great Cormorant

  European Shag                                     1 rung juvenile on the sluice on 4th Jan (u/w).

  Little Egret  

  Cattle Egret                                          1 on 2nd Apr (SC/CA)

  Grey Heron

  Eurasian Spoonbill         1 sub adult on 27th Apr, 2nd May (5) 3 adults and 2 sub adults (KA/PRD)

  Mute Swan 

  Whooper Swan                                      6 on 14th Nov (2 adults/4 juvs)  (u/w)

  Pink-footed Goose                             1 on 19th Jan (PB), 1 on 30th Sep (AD)

  White-fronted Goose                            4 on 1st Jan (m/o)

  Greylag Goose                                      Best count 250+ throughout winter months (m/o)

  Canada Goose

  Brent Goose                                          Flock of 500+ on 3st Dec, including adult Black Brant

  Common Shelduck

  Eurasian Wigeon


  Eurasian Teal


  Northern Pintail -                                  Best count of 7 on 24th Mar

  Northern Shoveler

  Tufted Duck  

  Common Eider                                      8 north inc 2 drakes on 14th Nov (AD/KA)

  Common Scoter                                    Best count 40 on 31st Dec

  Velvet Scoter                                        1 south on 11th Nov (AD/KA)

  Common Goldeneye                             3 males south on 11th Nov  (PRD/AD/KA)

  Red-breasted Merganser                    1 fem/imm N on 10th Nov, 1 south on 11th Nov (PRD/KA)  

  Eurasian Marsh Harrier                      1st on 5th Jan, several other sightings

  Montagu’s Harrier                               male, mobbed by corvids then flew N on 27th Apr (PR/LR)

  Eurasian Sparrowhawk  

  Common Buzzard                                  1 E on 1st Apr (PRD/CJ)

  Common Kestrel

  Merlin                                                    1 female on 13th Mar (PB) + male on 24th Mar

  Great Grey Shrike                                1 on 3rd Oct (m/o)

  Eurasian Hobby                                    1 on 12th May, 2 on 30th Aug

  Peregrine Falcon                                   1 juv male on 31st Oct

  Red-legged Partridge

  Common Pheasant  

  Water Rail                                             1 on 9th Jan (AD), Best count of 3 on 23rd Nov.

  Common Moorhen  

  Common Coot

  Eurasian Oystercatcher  

  Pied Avocet                                             first seen, 2 on 6th Apr

  Little Plover                                            1 ad on 7th Apr, 3 on 28th Apr (m/o),

  Ringed Plover                                         1 pair bred

  European Golden Plover

  Grey Plover

  Northern Lapwing                                   6+ pairs bred

  Red Knot                                                 10 south on 31st Mar

  Sanderling                                                Regular in small number during winter months

  Little Stint                                                Best count was 8 on 8th Oct (PRD/KA)   

  Curlew Sandpiper                                    1 on 25th May (KA), 2 adults on 25th Jul,

  Purple Sandpiper                                     1 on 1st Jan (AD), best count 6 on 23rd Nov (KA)

  Dunlin                                                       30+ during Mar

  Ruff                                                           Best count 24 on 29th Jan   

  Common Snipe                                      

  Eurasian Woodcock                                 1 in off sea on 10th Nov (AD)

  Black-tailed Godwit                                 120+ 24th to 29th Jan

  Bar-tailed Godwit                                     1 on 1st Jan to 29th Jan, 6 on 2nd May

  Whimbrel                                                  1 on 18th Apr, 9 on 18th Aug

  Eurasian Curlew  

  Spotted Redshank                                    1 on 20-21st Jun

  Common Redshank                                  Bred

  Common Greenshank  

  Green Sandpiper                                       Best count 8 on 19th Aug

  Wood Sandpiper                                        2 from 28th Apr – 3rd May (m/o)

  Common Sandpiper                                   1st on 27th Apr

  Pectoral Sandpiper                                    21st Jul found 1 on the scrape (KA)

  Ruddy Turnstone  

  Grey Phalarope                                         1 on 28th Oct (PRD/KA/SC)

  Arctic Skua                                       1st on 10th Sept, last seen 3rd Oct (u/w) total of 4 seen

  Great Skua                                                1 on south on 27th Jul (u/w)

  Long tailed Skua                                       29th Sep,1 juv south.(u/w)

  Pomarine Skua                                        1 south on 10th Nov (AD), 1 juv south on 11th Nov (m/o)

  Mediterranean Gull                                 1st W on 20th Jan, 3 adults on 13th Apr

  Little Gull                                                 An adult on 30th Sept

  Black-headed Gull

  Mew Gull  

  Lesser Black-backed Gull  

  Herring Gull  

  Yellow legged Gull                                 1 Ad on 5th Sept

  Caspian Gull                                           1 x 2w on 9th Oct (PRD)

  Great Black-backed Gull

  Black-legged Kittiwake                         1 Ad on 1st Jan, also several others  

  Sandwich Tern  

  Common Tern

  Arctic Tern                                             Best count of 18 on 12th Sept (uw)

  Little Tern                                              2-3 birds between 30th Apr to 15th Jul (m/o)

  Black Tern                                             1 adult south on 2nd Jul (u/w)

  Gull billed Tern                                      1 adult north on 2nd May (u/w), later seen at Minsmere

  Common Guillemot  

  Puffin                                                      1 south on 30th Sept (PRD)

  Little Auk                                               29 on 10th Nov (KA/AD), 11 on 11th Nov (m/o)

  Stock Pigeon  

  Common Wood Pigeon  

  Eurasian Collared Dove

  European Turtle Dove                           Scarce, 1 on 13th Jul (PB)   

  Common Cuckoo

  Barn Owl  

  Little Owl

  Short-eared Owl                                     1 high flying bird on 10th Nov (AD)

  Common Swift  

  Common Kingfisher

  Green Woodpecker

  Great Spotted Woodpecker  

  Sky Lark  

  Sand Martin

  Barn Swallow  

  House Martin                                         Late bird on 11th Nov

  Meadow Pipit

  Rock Pipit                                               3 on 4th Jan

  Yellow Wagtail

  Grey Wagtail

  Pied Wagtail                                            White 20th Apr

  Winter Wren  

  Hedge Accentor  

  European Robin  

  Common Redstart                                  2 Female/Imm m on 4th Oct (KA)

  Whinchat                                                 best count 7 on 17th Aug (KA) 


  Northern Wheatear

  Common Blackbird  


  Song Thrush  


  Mistle Thrush

  Ring Ouzel                                              1 female on 18th Apr (m/o)

  Cetti's Warbler                                       1 on 29th Sep (JBS)

  Sedge Warbler

  Eurasian Reed Warbler  

  Dartford Warbler                                    1 on 15-16th Nov (u/w), probable adult female.

  Lesser Whitethroat  

  Common Whitethroat

  Garden Warbler                                      1 on 11th May 


  Common Chiffchaff                                 first 2 on 8th Mar

  Willow Warbler  

  Yellow browed Warbler                           1 on 22nd Oct (PRD/KA)

  Pallas’s Warbler                                      1 on 22nd Oct (PRD)


  Firecrest                                                   1 on 1st Oct + others

  Spotted Flycatcher                                   Best count of 4 on 2nd Sept

  Pied Flycatcher                                         4 singles seen first on 24th Aug (m/o)

  Bearded Tit                                               3, 1 male on 21st Oct (PBr)

  Long-tailed Tit  

  Blue Tit 

  Great Tit   

  Eurasian Jay    

  Black-billed Magpie

  Eurasian Jackdaw   


  Carrion Crow  

  Common Starling  

  House Sparrow   


  Brambling                                                  6 on 24th Nov, several others over.

  European Greenfinch

  European Goldfinch                                  Best count 100+ on 4th Oct 

  Eurasian Siskin                                         Best count 135 on 30th Sept 

  Common Linnet   

  Lesser Redpoll                                          Best count 18 on 4th Oct

  Common Bullfinch                                     2 males on 23rd Feb (AD)

  Reed Bunting   

  Snow Bunting                                             1 on 9th Nov, 4 on 23rd Nov (KA),13 on 25th (PRD/KA/AD)

  Lapland Bunting                                        1 flew west calling on 23rd Nov (u/w)

  Corn Bunting                                             5 on 14th Apr




Additional sightings seen by others


Tundra Swan  (7)

Rose-ringed Parakeet (1)

Common Pochard  (1)

Common Crossbill  (3)

Hen Harrier (1)

Black Redstart (1)


Waxwing (1)