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Sightings 2008

Key: Blue = Uncommon.  Amber = Scarce.  Red = Rare.  Green = Mega for site 

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Jan 08

1st - A slow start due to poor visibility in misty conditions. The Black Brant was noted as were a Med Gull and a Blk T Godwits, but little else. AD

2nd - A Purple Sandpiper was on the sluice, 13 Blk T Godwits and a Ringed Plover on the scrape and a Little Egret on Holland Marsh were the only noteworthy sightings. GG. 

4th - Little sign of any movement with things remaining the same, the Black Brant was again present amongst c1200 Brents, 10 Blk T Godwits on the scrape.A single Purple Sandpiper, 1 Ringed Plover and 6 Sanderlings were on the beach. PRD/GG

5th - An adult Yellow legged Gull was on the scrape this morning and along the seawall were 2 Purple Sandpipers, 18 Sanderlings, 2 Ringed Plovers and a Stonechat. An immature male Peregrine was also seen hunting the wigeon. PBr.         A single Ruff was also reported on the scrape this morning. 

6th - Mid morning 7 Blk T Godwits were joined by 2 Bar Tailed Godwits, a single Sanderling was on the beach and at sea 15 Red throated Divers flew N. PRD. 

10th - Quiet again this afternoon with 6 Blk T Godwits, 4 Snipe and 12 Turnstones noteworthy.600+ Brent Geese were in the surrounding fields but again no sign of the Brant. GG/KA.  

12th - Today on the scrape were 7 Ruff, 3 Golden Plovers, 6 Blk T Godwits a pair of Gadwall and 3 Snipe.A single Purple Sandpiper was also noted.On the sea 40+ Red throated Divers were seen feeding off shore. AD. A Barn Owl was seen in the evening. AD

13th - 3 Purple Sandpipers were on the boat ramp today also 1 Little Stint, 3 Ruff, 6 Blk T Godwits, 10 Snipe on the scrape.The Black Brant was again seen amongst the 600+ Brents. A Marsh Harrier flew through. PRD

14th - 1 Ruff, 7 Blk T Godwits and 9 Snipe were seen in a brief visit this morning. GG. The Little Stint and a Purple Sandpiper were seen later in the day. SC/PC

15th - A superb 1st winter Glaucous Gull flew along the seawall from Frinton over our heads, giving excellent views then drifted off over the sewage farm, unfortunately not relocated despite searching. Earlier 2 adult Little Gulls were watched feeding along coast line.On the scrape, the Little Stint was still present also 7 Ruff, 2 Dunlin, 20+ Blk T Godwits, 15 Turnstones, 6+ Snipe, pair of Pintail and 4 Gadwall. GG/KA

16th - The Black Brant was still present in the Brent flock.JBS. Birds on the scrape were 1 Little Stint, 3 Ruff, 1 Blk T Godwit, 11 Snipe, 19 Curlews and 2 Pintail, amongst the increasing number of wildfowl. On the breakwater (rocks)were 3 Purple Sandpipers, 1 Ringed Plover and 4 Turnstones.2 Sanderlings were along the seawall and 4 Stonechats were also seen. MC

17th - A look on the scape around lunchtime produced 1 Little Stint, 7 Ruff, 6 Blk T Godwits, 15+ Snipe and 9 Turnstones.2 Purple Sandpipers were seen on the sluice, KA./AL

19th - The scrape and surrounding fields are holding plenty of water and attracting plenty of wildfowl, mainly Wigeon and Teal.The scrape this morning held 1 Little Stint, 3 Ruff, 15 Blk T Godwits, 7 Snipe, 11 Turnstones, 19 Curlews, 26 Shovelers and 2 Gadwall of note.6 Red throated Divers were sitting close off shore and a Kittiwake flew S. GG.

20th - The Little Stint is still present along with 5 Snipe and 11 Turnstones.Shoveler numbers are up to 34, on the beach were 4 Ringed Plovers, and a single Purple Sandpiper on the far rocks.The surrounding fields held 13 Curlews. MC/JB

22nd - On the scrape 1 Med Gull, 5 Ringed Plovers, 20+\Turnstones and 1 Snipe. JK

23rd - Todays sightings were the Med Gull again, 1 Snipe, 2 Ringed Plovers and 2 Stonechats. AEC. 

24th - First light on the scrape was disappointing with only 15 Shelduck and 12 Gadwall being noteworthy. GG. A return vistit in the afternoon produced 5 Purple Sandpipers and a Rock Pipit along the seawall, the scrape held 1 Ruff, 1 Snipe, 1 Blk T Godwit, 4 Ringed Plovers and 8+ Turnstones. 10+ Red throated Divers were seen out at sea. GG/KA 

27th - A single Purple Sandpiper was reported. PRD.A Peregrine was reported to be sitting in the back field from the hide.

28th - A Snow Bunting was feeding along the seawall near the south end of the golf course early this morning on the scrape only 1 Ruff, 2 Blk T Godwits and 39 Curlews. 2 Reed Buntings and 3 Skylarks were vocal, 3 Stonechats were also seen. GG.

29th - 6 Ruff, 2 Blk T Godwits and a female Pintail was on the scrape this morning.Duck numbers were up with 47 Shoveler and 24 Gadwall noted. GG.

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