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January 2012  

1st - The very early hours held temperatures of approx +9 degrees and the SW winds varied c11mph through 21mph, along with occasional gusting of c25mph.  After break of dawn, the wind strength had increased slightly and although the temperature remained much the same, the winds kept it feeling rather cold!  After drizzle and "misty rain" had slightly dampened the area, at c15.00hrs the threatened torrential rain made it's appearance and this did not subside for a good couple of hours or more.  At least three observers were on and around the site today (early to c15.00hrs) but after morning reports giving that the site was generally very quiet of birds, the intense searching of the main site through to the boundary at the Frinton Beach Huts, the area across from the Approach Road and up to and including the Gt. Holland Hall Farm pond, it was concluded that the site was dismally empty of birds today!  The sum total of species located for 1st January 2012 on the Holland Haven site was 54.   Off-shore, Red-T Divers were definitely in evidence this morning in good numbers and a single Black-T Diver was also noted.  Further to instant advice from the Frinton Obs. (12.03hrs), a Southerly bound Pomarine Skua was able to be located by one observer a short time later, just off the Haven coast from the Sailing Club - the passing bird so decided to drop onto the sea for a short while, giving very good views as it sat between the Club and the Yellow Buoy, before continuing it's S flight. AD.  Highlights, other than the Pom, were exceptionally slim pickings today but the 54 species also included a Common Buzzard, both male and female Sparrowhawks, Kestrel, 1 Gt. Spotted and Green Woodpeckers, a Stonechat (again seen by the main hide), a flock of 15 Greenfinches, 2 Goldcrests, 2 Jays, 14 Stock Doves, 2 of each Blk T Godwits and Curlew, Little GrebeShoveler, Brent Geese (no sign at all of any Greylags, let alone W-F, P-Ft or Bean), 2 Sanderlings, 3 Turnstones, a Purple Sandpiper and seen flying S off-shore altogether were 10 Cormorants. AD/MR/IM.     

                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR & GOOD BIRDING TO ALL


2nd - What looked to be a bright and pleasant day out there - was in fact very bright and mostly a bitterly cold one!  Blue skies and sun with moderate (occasionally light) SW through W winds during the earlier part of the morning, gave way to stronger winds as the day moved on.  General wind speed reached highs of 27+mph while the gusting - which felt very icy by the coast and further inland - reached up to 32mph.  A few hours spent on and around the site this morning by one observer, found that much was as had been yesterday - Quiet!  There were however, three new "Year Ticks" being those of Little Owl*, Pied Wagtail* and Lapwing*.  Noted for off-shore, was that once again there was a good movement of Red-T Divers. IM.  A family run/cycle ride heading through the Haven, provided a fourth Year Tick when 3 Meadow Pipits* were located along the seawall.  Also seen at this time was a Stonechat (edge of Golf Course / grazing marsh), 2 Turnstone were on the beach and c550 Brent Geese were spread sea/scrape and arable.  The Brents were still flying in from the Hamford area on the return cycle journey and "a super (noisy) flight" of c600 of these Geese came in at dusk. PBr.  A Meadow Pipit and Brent Geese were also the "highlights" of another report. LJ

3rd - Overcast, cold and gale force winds for this morning with the SW winds reaching in excess of 43mph by 08.00hrs and the extra blasts reaching 51mph by this time.  Later in the day, the winds turned to Westerlies and by 17.30hrs, max speeds were in excess of 45mph and gusting exceeded 56mph.  Torrential rain and hailstones were also part of today's weather locally - much of the country had gale force winds and downpours much worse than in our little corner of Essex.  No reports returned.  

4th - Cloud cover throughout most of the day with winds varying in direction back and forth through WNW, W and WSW.  These winds and the gusting were not quite so strong as yesterday but still reached 35+mph and 44+mph respectively.  The temperature was cold enough but the added icy winds gave a locally recorded wind-chill factor of +2.6 degrees!  Rain appeared late in the afternoon.  Around the trees and bushes today, were notables of 2 Song Thrushes, 1 Goldcrest and 6 Redwings*, while views off-shore gave 100+ Wigeon and a single Red-T Diver all sitting on the water and a further 4 Red-T Divers that flew S.  Taking in the areas across and surrounding the scrape, the totals from the hide were of another 200 Wigeon alongside 3 Shoveler and 80+ Teal, 2 Blk T Godwits, 3 Lapwings and also in this vicinity today were 3 Greylag Geese*.  Singles of Sparrowhawk and Kestrel completed the report. MR.

5th - Heavy rain and rampaging Westerly winds of 40+mph and gusting of 57+mph during the earlier part of the morning along with very dark skies, gave way to mottled skies, then some sun prior to 09.30hrs but the high winds continued.  By early afternoon, the wind direction was at NW with general speeds of 45+mph.  On/off rain appeared throughout.  A pre-lunch survey of the site today added another two Haven 2012 Year Ticks, bringing the total so far to 62 species.  Both of these species were viewed from what was a very wind-shaken hide with the observer's comment being "...thought was going to take off once or twice!!".  The given Duck count was 9 Shelducks*, 3 Shoveler, 270 Wigeon and 180 Teal, while Gull totals were 2 Common*, 62 Herring and c250 Black-Headed and Waders were again 2 Blk T Godwits and 3 Lapwings.  A resident Sparrowhawk was also seen.  Red-T Divers have featured in all four days of observations this year and today they numbered 7, of which 4 flew S and 3 headed N. MR.  Additional sightings gave a Redwing along the Approach Road, while on the Pond at Gt. Holland Hall Farm, the Coot* finally decided to put in an appearance. IM.  A further report from a mid-morning "baby inclusive stroll" along the seawall, supplied details of 2 Oystercatchers on the Golf Course, as were 2 adult Med Gulls* these being amongst the Black Headed and also a Common Gull.  Across the way, a Common Buzzard was sitting in the hedge and in the wind!  Views out to sea, provided an adult Kittiwake* heading S (bringing the species count to 65) and further Red-T Divers (4) to add to the earlier count of 7. PBr.

6th - After the last few days, this morning brought bright sun, blue skies and winds of much lesser strengths.  Wind direction varied through the morning and into the afternoon NNW, NW, WNW and back again, with speeds of mostly c7mph but up to c19mph and the occasional blustery extras of c29mph.  Prior to dusk and continuing into the evening, the wind direction had turned to WSW and had increased in strength once again.  Observing across the scrape at 09.40hrs this morning, the Geese included 6 White Fronted*, 50+ Brent and 25 Greylags, Waders were 2 Blk T Godwits and 12 Lapwings, while Ducks of note were a drake Shoveler and 10 Shelduck.......... then the digger turned up and everything flew from the scrape area!  Around the carpark bushes and hedgerows, singles of Redwing and Song Thrush were located and the Rooks were notable in the Rookery. JK.

7th - Wind direction for this morning was back to NNW with speeds of between 11+mph and 27+mph before 09.00hrs.  Gusting, locally recorded, had also reached 35mph by this time, making the temperature of +9 degrees feel much, much colder.  Blue sky with some cloud-cover but the sun made a good attempt and subsequently the morning became very bright.  Two observers were on site fairly early this morning and reports by late morning gave 1 Firecrest* (GG), in the area (carpark end) of the memorials, 4 Redwings and a superb male Sparrowhawk, while at least 1 adult Med Gull was at the far end of the Golf Course, 3 Turnstones were along the beach/seawall near to the sluice, a single Red-T Diver was seen heading N off-shore and a Cormorant headed S.  On and around the scrape were 3 Blk T Godwits, 3 Lapwings, 7 Shelduck and 3 Shoveler plus the regular Teal and Wigeon.  At c10.00hrs, 6 White Fronted and 10 Greylag Geese flew onto the scrape but after only 15 or so minutes, the White Fronts took up and flew away from the site in a Westerly direction.  Several hundred Brent Geese were initially on the arable, these then relocated to the scrape and surrounding area when a farm vehicle appeared on the crop fields. AD/GG.  The farm gave a Linnet* to add to the Year List, a Snipe* was flushed from the meadow, a Lesser Redpoll* flew over the carpark and a Marsh Harrier* was also viewed.  Of note, the local escape artist "Harris Hawk" was once again in the vicinity of the Haven site. GG.  An additional report for later this afternoon, was that of a Gt. Crested Grebe* seen near to the sluice as it drifted in and then back out again. IM.    After a week of many observations of the Site, the Haven Year List for 2012 has reached 72 species and that is "just two more than was located on January 1st 2011" - showing that it has definitely been a quiet start to 2012 for the Haven patch!     

8th - A very overcast start to the day but through the morning, the mottled clouds broke slightly to reveal patches of blue sky and several attempts by the sun.  With speeds ranging from 12mph to 18mph the wind maintained a mostly NNW direction throughout, with some gusting of 24+mph.  Several observers were on and around the site again today with a couple of non-bird sightings also being reported.  Just off the coast was a Common Seal and later on, very close in, there were 2 Grey Seals. PL/AD.  On the scrape were 2 Blk T Godwits, 3 Common Gulls and 10 Shelduck of note, while a further Common Gull was on the sewage farm.  Ringed Plovers* (30) were a highlight of the day with 15 seen flying S, a further 13 were sat around the rocks near to the second turret and another 2 of them were close to the Frinton end of site.  3 Turnstones were located along the beach, 2 Shelduck headed N over the sea and sitting, diving and generally milling around off-shore, were at least 50+ Red-T Divers.  The Brent Geese (500+) were again in the field immediately behind the Golf Course, 3 Redwings were notables as was a Little Grebe that was on the brook near to Tariq. AD/IM

9th - Another grey overcast morning with fluctuating moderate W through WSW winds of up to c17mph.  Occasional gusts of c21mph and morning temperatures of +8 degrees.  The winds turned to NNW but became generally lighter as the day went on, although gusting did reach 25mph at times and overall, the temperature rose to +11 degrees.  Three observers were on site for a combined report this morning and located two new Haven Year Ticks.  The trees and bushes provided 3 Song Thrushes, a single Redwing and 3 Jays with the area by Tariq giving a Reed Bunting*.  A Little Grebe was again in the brook near to Tariq.  Viewing across the scrape and surrounding grazing marsh, all from the hide, supplied 2 of each Blk T Godwit and Curlew, 6 Shelduck alongside the Teal and Wigeon, whilst a Stonechat was visible, as were 4 Skylarks, 6 Meadow Pipits and a Pied Wagtail.  Located on the sluice was a single Turnstone.  Surveying along the coast and out to sea, saw a Great Northern Diver* heading S and 7+ Red-T Divers. PRD/MR/IM.   During the afternoon 1 Green and 3 Gt. Spotted Woodpeckers, a Little Owl and a Coot were all seen at the farm, as was another Year Tick in the form of a Mistle Thrush*. MR.  An additional report for today, gave a Rock Pipit* that was seen on the rocks opposite/half way along the Golf Course.  Species 2012 tick number 77. IM/PRD

NB: A slightly belated but good report of a female Goosander* (PRw), seen as it flew South past the Haven at c14.30hrs on 9th January 2012 - see Gallery - has retrospectively been added to this page on 28/03/12. 

10th - It was quite bright with blue skies for a while earlier in the morning but some grey overtones took over to leave another blue/grey mottled sky with the sun making constant attempts!  The initial NW winds were of light to moderate strength - these turned before mid-morning to WSW and became more moderate than light.  By the latter part of the afternoon the winds were back to NW and up to c22mph with gusting of c26mph recorded locally.  Generally though, it was a fairly pleasant day out there and at least two observers were surveying the site.  Early morning saw a Marsh Harrier fly over, followed by views in and around the bushes of a flock of 25+ Greenfinches, a single Redwing and 4 Song Thrushes, whilst the Stonechat was again seen from the hide.  On and around the scrape, the Duck count was of 9 Shelduck, 70+ Teal and 312 Wigeon and Waders were just 7 Lapwings.  A Black-T Diver and 8+ Red-T Divers were off-shore notables and 3 Turnstones were on the sluice. MR/IM.   

11th - A glorious "break of dawn" this morning with absolutely superb colours and the day that continued on from this was fairly mild and if out and about, was one to be enjoyed.  Wind direction by late evening was varying SW to SSW, was of moderate to strong with some gusting of up to 23mph.  Around the carpark bushes were a good number of Blackbirds, while the Song Thrushes - at least 4 - were all in "Song".  A few Geese were around the scrape and subsequent areas viewable from the hide this morning and included 2 Pale Bellied Brents amongst the 200 or so Brent Geese that dropped in for a "wash & brush-up", also a total of 15 Greylag Geese.  7 Curlews and 2 Blk T Godwits were recorded, as were 15 Shelduck alongside the Teal and Wigeon (similar numbers to yesterday).  15+ Meadow Pipits, 3 Skylarks and 6 Pied Wagtails concluded the species seen from the hide.  A wander along towards the Frinton end of site, supplied a Rock Pipit (today located on the seawall near to the second turret), while back at/on the sluice were a Common Gull and 3 Turnstones. MR.

12th - Another dawn with some intense and brilliant colours which unfortunately, was followed by a cloud-filled sky!  Initial wind directions and strength were variable WSW through WNW, moderate to strong with some of those extra blasts being of up to 33mph recorded locally.  By early afternoon, WNW winds had increased to 26+mph and by the evening the direction was of NNE.  Temperatures reached +11 degrees during the day but these dropped quickly before dark.  No reports returned.

13th - A very cold start to the day at +2 degrees, along with light to moderate NNW winds.  There were brighter skies this morning by 07.30hrs (compared to yesterday's) with the day itself continuing to be quite fair for this time of year.  Temperatures reached approx +6 degrees, while the winds remained pretty much light to moderate throughout and of NNW to NW in direction.  No reports returned.

14th - They promised us a very icy weekend and this morning was certainly just that!  Extremely bright along with light NW through NNW winds and the temperature by 10.00hrs was at barely +3 degrees.  Chilly it may have been but with many birds being very vocal and some in song, it definitely felt like a fresh spring morning for a while.  By early afternoon, even though the temperature had reached today's maximum of +6, it felt much colder than earlier in the day!  Wind direction also turned to NE.  Observations throughout the day (mainly covering the farm areas), provided notable sightings of a mobile flock of 60+ Skylarks, some 50+ Lapwings that flew inland over the farm and in the trees around Gt. Holland Hall Farm pond, there were 20 Goldfinches. IM.  Surveying the more coastal side of the Haven (09.15hrs to 11.00hrs), including the scrape and also Little Holland Hall Pond, the Duck counts were of 25 Teal, 355 Wigeon and 28 Mallards, Waders were 2 Blk T Godwits and 3 Turnstones, while the Geese today, numbered just 20 Brents.  A male Marsh Harrier was viewed, as was a single Green Woodpecker. SC/PC.

15th - And another cold one today............. well it is still January!!!  Overall, a very grey day with ESE winds which were still at this direction by mid-evening.  Mainly of moderate strength for the earlier part, the winds were stronger for the afternoon and also included locally recorded gusting of 24+mph.  The temperature did reach +6 degrees but the wind-chill factor was somewhat lower.  No reports returned.

16th - Very cold this morning but no "white iced" or frost covered vehicles or shrubbery.  Winds varying E through ESE of moderate but erring to strong in it's strength, along with some additional gusting of c22mph.  Another "WOW" factor with the dawn break c07.10hrs - a glorious deep fire-red colour right across the horizon.  Conditions remained much the same throughout the day.  Several observers were on and around the site today and amongst the reports was another Haven Year Tick - being a flock of 20 Golden Plovers* that flew over the site. GB.  Quite a bit of movement was noted around and within the trees, bushes and hedgerows, which all provided Robins, Dunnocks, Chaffinches, Tits and Blackbirds in good numbers and also included 10+ Greenfinches, 3 Redwings, 4 Song Thrushes (2 singing) and a Little Owl. MR.  Viewing along the beach/seawall gave a single Purple Sandpiper (IM), 6 Sanderlings (IM/PRD) across from the raised Tee, +/- a further single Sanderling and a Turnstone.  In with the Gulls on the scrape today and not a regular occurrence, was a 1W Kittiwake.  Also in this and the surrounding areas, there were (maximum given counts & not combined report totals) of 19 Curlews, 2 Blk T Godwits, 3 Shoveler, 4 Shelducks, 80+ Teal and 200+ WigeonBrent Geese were seen to land briefly before heading N with totals of 800+ for today.  A female Sparrowhawk was also viewable.  Of note on the Wildlife side, 2 Brown Hares were also on site. IM/PRD/MR/GB.  

17th - After a night of temperatures below freezing, the morning began with a very heavy frost and the ice was still around at gone 09.00hrs - when the temperature had finally risen to +1 degree!  A bright but obviously freezing cold day ensued, along with light winds that varied S through SSW - of which these occasionally dropped to barely a breeze.  As to be expected, the scrape was frozen and some 100+ Wigeon had taken to the sea and were sat off-shore along with 2 Shovelers.  Whilst looking briefly across the open waters, 2 Curlews and 3 Oystercatchers flew S and a single Red-T Diver flew N.  Seen on the sluice, 3 Turnstones made the notepads, as did 2 Snipe that were flushed from the brook area, during a wander to the second turret.  Viewing from the hide saw that a few Teal and Wigeon were amongst the grassy tufts and that a White-Fronted Goose (1W) was a bit lonesome.  The new pond (digging began towards the latter part of 2011), was not frozen and 2 Moorhens were seen on it.  Trees and bushes were reported as being "much as per yesterday" and again included Song Thrushes "in song".  Rounding up the site species info for today, was that of a Barn Owl* seen across the marsh, also from the route to the second turret. MR/IM.

18th - A change in weather conditions this morning, not too much higher temperatures (although warmer than yesterday) but to include rain.  Well over a week since the last rainfall but no overly heavy downpours by mid-morning, the on/off rain was just more on than off!  Higher speeds, along with gusting from the variable S through SW winds, gave 26+mph and 32mph respectively.  By late evening the winds had turned to Westerlies and the temperature had also risen quite well.  Between showers, one observer visited the hide and returned counts of 1 White-Fronted Goose, 1 Brent Goose, 2 Blk T Godwits and 125 Lapwing, while the Ducks numbered 3 Shoveler, 7 Shelduck, 110 Teal and 338 Wigeon.  2 Common Gulls were in the vicinity, as was a single Sparrowhawk. MR.

19th - Heavy rain to start the day off, although this had eased but not totally stopped by 09.00hrs.  Some very dark grey cloud-cover to compliment the rain - this again became slightly brighter as the rain slowed, by which time the wind speed had also dropped to light/barely a breeze.  The initial winds were N through NNW and these had, much earlier, reached speeds and gusting of c21mph and 25mph respectively.  A turn of direction to Westerlies and then further to WSW took place before nightfall, strength increased somewhat and the rain had a bit more impact again.  No reports returned. 

20th - On/off rain in some areas through the night was followed by quite a downpour this morning - continuing once more to be an on/off scenario and again, more on than off!  Overcast but still reasonably bright for the most part, along with some initial moderate but latterly strong W winds (c27mph) complete with gusting of up to c37mph.  No reports returned.

21st - Very much a mixed bag of weather today - very bright at times but also some very dark cloud-cover at others.  Generally not too bad a day regarding the temperature, winds again were variable light through strong with some gusting and to complete the mix, rain appeared later on.  Not too much to report today but of note on the scrape, there were 2 Blk T Godwits and 1 Curlew.  Seen flying S off-shore at mid-distance (and also a Year Tick) was a male Red Breasted Merganser*GG.

22nd - Strong winds for this morning, that increased further by the early afternoon up to speeds in excess of 35mph and gusting of 40+mph.  Variable in direction, these winds fluctuated W through NW and back again.  On the whole, there were blue skies and mainly white fluffy clouds, it was bright and if in sheltered areas, fairly warm.  A short seawatch took place early this morning, producing of note, a male Tufted Duck* and also 4 Red-T Divers milling about.  Later viewing added a Common Scoter* which flew W. GG.  

23rd - A chilly start to the day with moderate to strong W winds and some gusting of c21mph.  During the day, the winds increased in strength as did the gusting, which was at times 28+mph and there was also a change of direction to NW.  Mostly some very grey hues to the sky throughout, although the sun did appear and did provide some brighter weather on and off.  At least two observers were on the site today and their combined report gave species and numbers from areas around the trees, bushes and hedgerows, from the hide, off-shore and an afternoon visit to the Farm.  Blackbirds, Song Thrushes and Redwings were noted as 30 (at least), 5 and 6 respectively, while at a count of one, was a Corn Bunting*.  2 Blk T Godwits were once again on the scrape and were during this report, alongside a Yellow-Legged Gull*, 7 Shelduck, 80+ Teal and 300+ Wigeon, with other species seen across this vicinity being a Kingfisher*, a Common Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk.  The off-shore birds were 300+ Brent Geese on the water (opposite the Golf Course), 5 Cormorants that were seen to be fishing as were 2 Red-T Divers, while a Southerly flight-path was taken by 11 Common Scoter. MR/PRD.  

24th - Grey, wet and cold!  Overcast and rain throughout the day and the evening brought the addition of patchy fog too.  Winds of light to moderate W direction first thing this morning, turned and changed to become S/SSE stronger winds for the latter part and with the exception of an occasional drop, these continued as such on and into nightfall.  Early gusts were recorded locally of c18mph, these increased to 24+mph.  No reports returned. 

NB. Of interest to some, several "Colour-ringed Gulls" have been located on and around the site this last week and the details for these, amongst many other colour-ringed sightings, can be read on Field Sightings.

25th - Rain again for the early part of the morning but this cleared before 09.00hrs and by 10.00hrs the grey clouds were diminishing fast and a very bright sun was making it's presence felt.  Much warmer today, with winds that began as Westerlies before they turned to S and strength-wise (from both directions) they stayed mostly moderate, erring occasionally to strong.  A Water Rail* was species number 87 for the Haven Year List 2012 and this was viewed from the hide.  Singles of Stonechat, Sparrowhawk and Kestrel were also located from this viewpoint, while the scrape and it's surrounding grazing marsh held 2 Blk T Godwits, 47 Lapwings, 2 Shelducks, 100+ Teal and 140 Wigeon.  4 Redwing, 5 Song Thrushes and 30+ Blackbirds were the noted species for the trees, bushes and hedgerows with the sighting of a pair of mating Kestrels (on the mounds) concluding the report. MR.    

26th - Another rainy start but dry and much brighter before 10.00hrs and even better with bright sun and blue skies shortly after this time, then continuing as such into the afternoon.  Some fairly constant strong winds moving SSW through SW with today's extra "blasts" reaching up to 32mph.  No reports returned.

27th - Westerly winds of moderate to strong for the morning, along with some cool temperatures but it was bright.  Wind direction had changed prior to dusk to SSW, although strength-wise, not too much difference from earlier in the day and gusting throughout, varied up to c26mph.  One observer spent six hours on and around the site today and the report concluded that there was still nothing out of the ordinary there.  Birds of Prey proved to be the highlight of the visit during surveillance from the hide, with views of 2 Common Buzzards, 2 Marsh Harriers, a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel were all in the air at the same time.  Located, as they fed happily together next to the sluice, were singles of Purple Sandpiper and Sanderling, along with 3 Turnstones - these were the final species of note, literally at the end of today's survey. IM.  

28th - There was a little bit of frost early this morning but temperatures crept up towards the +5 mark before 08.30hrs and finally reached a maximum of +7degrees before dropping very fast prior to dusk.  Bright, pale blue skies and some light to moderate NW winds for the majority of the day, although a few hailstones and a small amount of drizzle appeared early afternoon.  Of note, there was a Little Egret* on the marsh just across from the Approach Road entrance. AD

29th - Early this morning saw a foggy outlook as well as a very icy one!  By 08.30hrs, the temperature was barely at +2 degrees and although still slightly hazy, the sun began to and then successfully, appeared from beyond the cloud.  Unfortunately, the sun was short-lived and well before mid-day, it had returned to being gloomy and 'orrible!  The light to moderate NW winds of the earlier morning were replaced by stronger Easterlies.  No reports returned.

30th - Extremely chilly and very grey for the majority of the day, which also gave some "icy drizzle" at various times.  Initial light to moderate winds were of a NNE direction - these were NE by early evening and turned again to N by mid-evening.  The temperature barely reached +4 degrees.  At least three observers made tours of the site today, also including the farm areas.  Viewing from the hide this morning provided counts of 2 Blk T Godwits, 2 Curlews, 5 Shelduck, 40 Teal and 270 Wigeon on and around the scrape, whilst in the vicinity was a Common Buzzard.  13 Brent Geese were seen to fly S off-shore and the shoreline itself provided 2 Sanderlings and a single Turnstone.  Taking a wander across from the Approach Road and checking the ditch lines towards the bridge, supplied a Kingfisher. MR/IM.  Slightly later viewing of the scrape, gave a Haven Year Tick when 3 Dunlins* were located mid-afternoon - a single Dunlin was still there at 15.45hrs. PRD.  Checking out the Gt. Holland Hall Farm areas (that are within our Haven boundaries), gave the additional report of 100+ Golden Plovers located on the top field beyond the first Paddocks. IM.

31st - A grey, overcast, gloomy morning with drizzle in the air, along with some E through ENE moderate to strong winds.  Occasional gusting of up to 27mph recorded locally and although there was no ice for first thing today, the temperature by 09.00hrs was just +3 degrees (and there it stayed until dropping rapidly as dusk approached!).  Wind speed and gusting both increased into the latter part of the afternoon and continued as such, also into the evening.  Rounding up the month of January, two observers added another three Haven Year Ticks while on site today and all three species were viewed from the hide.  Singles of Knot* and Grey Plover* were noted along with 4 Redshank*, 40+ Curlew, 1 Snipe, 2 Blk T Godwits, 40+ Dunlin, 5 Shelduck, 100+ Teal, 300+ Wigeon and 150 Brent Geese.  Also seen from the hide was a Common Buzzard.  Surveying the areas along the shore-line provided 1 Turnstone, 2 Sanderling and 1 Oystercatcher, while another "Colour-Ringed" Herring Gull paid a visit to the Sewage Farm.  A further addition to the notebooks was for the Haven wildlife scene and was that of a Weasel - located in front of the hide. IM/MR

NB: This month's total against that of 31st January 2011 is down by 1 but there is also a slight difference in the bird species noted i.e. Jan'11 included the likes of Hen Harrier, Egyptian Goose, Snow Bunting, Brambling and Fieldfare, whereas none of these have been reported so far this Jan'12 but both Pomarine Skua and R-B Merganser have been.  With the promised, be it belated heavy snow/very icy weather due in (already currently across a fair bit of the UK), who knows what will or could appear at the Haven during February.

As at 31st January, the Haven 2012 Year List stands at 92.