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Key: Plain Text- Resident/Regular Visitor. Green -Likely to be Annual. Amber -Less than Annual. Red -Rarity. CAPITALS -New bird for site.

(The above "Colour Coding" changed for several species in 2013 due to some being now a more regular species at the Haven - which has got to be good, whilst others are unfortunately not seen/recorded here as much as they used to be. This coding is purely defined by ourselves for the Haven site). 

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Site Year Tick*


1st - A New Year's Day wander around the site provided a limited number of species for a survey.  Getting the Haven 2017 Year List underway, today's listings included Stonechat, Pied Wagtail, Long-tailed, Blue and Great Tits, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Dunnock, House Sparrow, Robin, Blackbird, Song and Mistle Thrushes, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Magpie, Jackdaw, Rook and CrowCollared DoveWood Pigeon and Pheasant.  Also Moorhen, Oystercatcher, Mallard, Mute Swan, Black-headed and Herring Gulls, Kestrel and Marsh HarrierGeese on site were Pink-footed, White-fronted, Brent and Greylags.  Of note, both the Mistle Thrush and the Gt. Spotted Woodpecker were up at the Farm. IM.        

2nd - The first of three reported site visits today gave the species of Grey Heron*, Teal*, Wigeon*, Lapwing*, Goldcrest* and Starling*. AD.  A further report gave 1 Common Buzzard*, 2 Kestrels, c50 Curlew* as well as 1 Pink-footed and 2 White-fronted Geese (amongst the Greylags) and 1000+ Brent Geese.  The Wildlife side yielded a Red Fox. LH.  Additional species for the Haven 2017 Year List were in the form of a Med Gull* (field beyond Golf Course), a Rock Pipit* (rocks by second turret), a Little Grebe* (stream behind the Sewage Farm) and off-shore, a juvenile Gannet* flew N. IM.

3rd/4th - No reports returned. 

5th - The Geese were again making the main report today with counts being of 1 Pink-footed, 2 White-fronted and c600+ Brent Geese (including a Pale-bellied adult bird) being on the scrape at 14.10hrs, these Brents then flew (c14.30hrs) towards a flock of 2000+ Brent Geese that were on the arable beyond the Golf Course.  A male Stonechat was noted, 1 Grey Wagtail* was by the Sewage Farm and a Common Buzzard was seen along the Approach Road. GB

6th - Per the pager, an adult Black Brant was amongst c250 Brent Geese at the Haven at 11.30hrs and there was a Pale-bellied Brent within the flock too. RBA.

7th to 12th - No reports returned

13th - Of particular note today, a Redwing* seen in the Approach Road woods was another addition to the 2017 Year List. IM.

14th - No reports returned.

15th - During a morning of continuous drizzle, a WeBS count took place but there was very little around to actually count.  A single Curlew and 25 Lapwings were the only Waders to be found, there were 55 Teal and 650 Wigeon but no Geese anywhere.  A total of 3 Mute Swans were visible - these included a colour-ringed bird (seen previously in St. Osyth and in Brightlingsea).  A colour-ringed Herring Gull was also noted today. SC

16th/17th - No reports returned.

NB: Additions reported for January for the Haven 2017 Year List as at 18-01-2017 are as follows: Shelduck*, Shoveler*, Canada Goose*, Little Egret*, Golden Plover*, Sanderling*, Purple Sandpiper*, Snipe*, Blk-T Godwit* and Turnstone*, Common*, LBB* and GBB* Gulls, Red-throated Diver* and Cormorant*.  Also Kingfisher*, Green Woodpecker*, Jay*, Wren*, Meadow Pipit*, Greenfinch*, Stock Dove*, Red-legged Partridge*, Sparrowhawk* and Peregrine*.

18th - Of particular note this afternoon, both a Barn Owl* at least 1 S E Owl* were over the marsh between the sluice and the Golf Course. MR.

19th/20th - No reports returned.

21st - A Water Rail* was located over the road from the main site at 12.29hrs. MR.  The Haven 2017 Year List currently stands at 75 for this January month.

22nd - Of particular note today, a Golden Plover was on the marsh near to the pond, while seen along the front were a single Rock Pipit, 2 Stonechats and 2 Turnstones.  Off-shore gave additions of a Great Crested Grebe* and c18 Red-throated Divers with the Wigeon. PL/MR.

23rd - Seeing a Woodcock* over the Approach Road was today's highlight. MR.

24th - With the freezing temperatures, the scrape and most of the brook has been frozen in recent days so there has been very little notable activity in these areas.  Some c80 Teal have been 'dotted' about on the brook and marsh, while c500 Wigeon have spent their time sitting on the sea. MR.

25th/26th - No reports returned.

27th - The scrape is reported to have finally 'thawed out' and the Ducks can now utilise this water opposed to keep sitting on the sea.  Of particular note there have been c500 Brent Geese feeding mainly on the arable on the other side of the B1032 (the main road through to Gt. Holland) but 'bath time' has been in the scrape.  Today a juvenile Black Brant was amongst these Brents (photo to follow). MR.    

28th - Viewing from the main hide today, the counts included 1 Shoveler, 170 Teal and c500 Wigeon, 13 Greylag and 13 Canada Geese (the latter being new-in to the current residents) and amongst the Brent Geese today - there was an adult Black Brant (photo to follow).  Waders consisted of a Snipe, 1 Blk-T Godwit and 36 Curlew and across on the arable - though distant - were both Lapwings and Golden Plovers.  Some 3 Reed Buntings* were seen and a short seawatch gave the addition of 12 Common Scoter* (S) - these yielding two more  Haven 2017 Year List ticks. MR.

29th - Surveying this morning included the species of 1 Snipe and a Blk-T Godwit, a number of Lapwings and Golden Plover that were over on the arable, 1 Shoveler, c200 Teal and c300 Wigeon, 12 Canada, 16 Greylag and c500 Brent Geese.  There were also a total of 3 Black Brants, two adult birds that were together on the scrape and a 1W bird located up on the arable.  Singles of Kestrel and Marsh Harrier were noted, as were 3 Skylarks* and 2 Colour-ringed Herring GullsMR/TS/PL.

30th - Today's survey included a 'quick' seawatch from which the species of note were a Great Crested Grebe (sitting on the sea), some 25+ Red-throated Divers and 60+ Cormorants that were flying N.  A colour-ringed Herring Gull was noted, as were singles of Sparrowhawk, Marsh Harrier and Common Buzzard.  No Waders were reported for the visit but the Ducks consisted of 4 Shoveler, c300 Teal and c500 Wigeon.  The Geese were out in full force today and included 1 Pink-footed, 1 Barnacle Goose*, 2 Canada, 8 White-fronted, 50+ Greylags and c500 Brents.  The Brents were mostly seen to be feeding on the arable with small groups dropping onto the scrape during the survey - there was no sign of any Brants today. MR/PRD

31st - This morning, an on-shore wind made for a bitterly cold survey that found a Black Brant to be once again amongst the c500 Brent Geese, while the Pink-footed and 9 White-fronted were with c50 Greylag Geese.  A Gadwall* was noted along with 2 Shelducks, 3 Shoveler, 120 Teal and c500 Wigeon, while the Waders consisted 1 Snipe, 1 Blk-T Godwit, 12 Curlew and over on the arable, the Lapwings.  The Wildlife front yielded a pair of very frisky Red Foxes. MR.  A slightly later visit found that the Brent Geese were up to a count of c800 and within small groups of these that flew to the scrape to bathe, one held a single Black Brant and another held 2 Black Brants - all of which returned to the main flock on the fields.  Curlew at this time were up to a count of 16, while species additions over/above the earlier survey were singles of Kestrel, Sparrowhawk (male), Common Buzzard and rounding up the last day of January, a Song Thrush. LH 

As at 31st January 2017 the Haven 2017 Year List stands at 82.


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