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Key: Plain text- Resident/Regular visitor. Green- Likely to be annual. Amber- Less than annual. Red- Rarity. CAPITALS- New bird for site.

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March 09

1st - A cold murky morning, light SSE winds. 2 Firecrests were seen around the Sewage Farm area and on the scrape were 1 Ruff, 2 Dunlin, 4 Blk T Godwits, 8 Golden Plovers, 5 Ringed Plovers, 5 Turnstones, 1 each of Redshank, Oystercatcher and Snipe. An adult Yellow legged Gull was on the Sewage Farm. GG/KA.

2nd - A Siskin was noted on the approach road. PRD.

3rd - Today's report included 10 Blk T Godwits, 1 Snipe, 4 Ringed Plovers, 2 Dunlin, 4 Sanderling, 2 Purple Sandpipers, 6 Turnstones and 3 Redwing. PRD.

4th - Bitterly cold conditions.  Birds seen today included 54+ Golden Plover, 6 Blk T Godwits, 1 Snipe, 3 Dunlin, 2 Ringed Plover, 1 Redshank, 2 Turnstones and a drake Gadwall. GG/PRD/KA.

6th - A bitter NW wind this morning, a quick visit to the hide produced just 1 Ruff, 2 Oystercatchers, 7 Blk T Godwits and 2 Ringed Plovers. GG. A female Merlin was again reported, being seen between the hide and golf course.  Others noted were 4 Purple Sandpipers, 1 Snipe, 2 Sanderling, Blk T Godwits at 8+, an adult Med Gull and 1 Red T DiverPRD.  A Rock Pipit was also seen. JBS/PRD.

7th - Light SW winds early to late morning.  Birds noted were 10+ Goldcrests, 1 Firecrest, 1 S E Owl, 1 of each Little and Barn Owls, 1 Sparrowhawk, 5 Turnstones, 1 Rock Pipit, 8 Sanderling, 8 Blk T Godwits, 4 Ringed Plovers and 3 Oystercatchers. KA.

9th - A strong WNW wind this morning. A walk along the seawall produced 1 S E Owl, 3 Purple Sandpipers and a Stonechat, viewed from the hide were 1 Ruff, 1 Dunlin, 8 Blk T Godwits, 2 Oystercatchers, 8 Turnstones, 5 Ringed Plovers and a drake Gadwall. GG

10th - WNW winds again and the digger disturbing the scrape. Birds of note were 1 S E Owl, 1 Little Egret, 3 Dunlin, 2 Oystercatchers, 7 Turnstones and 5 Ringed Plovers. A single Sanderling was by the sluice. GG/SC. This afternoon's additions were 4 Blk T Godwits, Dunlin up to 4 and a Stonechat. KA.

11th - Noted were 2 Barn Owls. MR.

12th - Reported were 1 of each Chiffchaff, Redwing, Stonechat, Redshank, Barn and Little Owls. 2 Siskin, 2 Ringed Plovers, 6 Turnstones and an adult Med Gull. PRD.

13th - SSW winds. Birds seen were 1 Firecrest.GG. 2 adult Med Gulls.MR/GG/PRD.  4 Avocets, 1 Snipe, 2 Redshank, 2 Dunlin, 6 Ringed Plovers, 1 Blk T Godwit, 4 Oystercatchers, 7 Turnstones, 17+ Golden Plovers, 1 Little Egret, 2 Stonechats. KA/MR/GG/PRD. 17 Redshank.PBR. 1 Barn Owl, 1 S E Owl, 2 Rock Pipits, 4 Purple Sandpipers. KA/GG.

14th - NNW winds. A male Bullfinch was around the Sewage Farm. GG. On the scrape were 2 adult Med Gulls, 1 Kittiwake, 3 Ringed Plover, 2 Turnstones, 2 Blk T Godwits, 6 Redshanks, 3 Oystercatchers.  1 Little Egret behind the approach road. GG/MR/KA

15th - Sunny with a SW wind, surprisingly no more migrants as yet.  5 Barnacle Geese dropped in on the scrape for 20 minutes, then flew N. MR/AD. Other birds noted on the scrape were 2 Avocets, 3 Blk T Godwits, 2 Oystercatchers, 4 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plovers and 3 Turnstones. MR/AD/KA/PRD/CJ/GG. Owls seen were 1 Short Eared, 2 Barn and 1 Little. AD/MR. On the sea a Great Crested Grebe was noted. AD.

16th - SW winds and bright. Early morning a singing Corn Bunting was by the sluice bushes. The scrape held a 1st W and 2 adult Med Gulls with 6 Avocets, 7 Blk T Godwits, 1 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plovers and 15 Redshanks also noted. The S E Owl is still present. GG/AEC.  1 Woodcock. MR.  Around mid-day a 1st W Caspian Gull was found amongst the gulls as was a 1W Yellow Legged Gull. PRD/KA.

17th - Noted today was 1 Chiffchaff. PRD.

18th - Bright with an E wind. Birds seen today were 8 Avocet, 3 Ringed Plovers, 10+ Redshank, 3 Blk T Godwits, 2 Snipe, 1 Dunlin, 1 Oystercatcher, 1 Barn Owl, 5+ Turnstones and 2 Purple Sandpipers. GG/KA/MR.

19th - NE winds and cold. The scrape held 5 Dunlin, 6 Avocets, 5 Ringed Plovers, 3 Blk T Godwits, 1 Oystercatcher, 8 Redshanks and a single Turnstone. 5 Siskins flew N. GG. At sea a partial sum plum G N Diver and 2 Oystercatchers flew N in a one hour watch. PRD.

20th - Reported today were 9 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plovers, 1 Ruff, 4 Avocets, 1 Little Egret and 31 Curlew. MR.

21st - Bright all day.  This morning's birds included 1 Firecrest, both Barn and Little Owls, 4 Ringed Plover, an adult Yellow Legged Gull, 6 Avocet, 2 Dunlin and 1 Blk T Godwit.  9 Brent Geese flew N.  Heard but not seen was a Cetti's Warbler. AD/MR.  Also noted 1 Redwing and 5 Purple Sandpipers. PNs.

22nd - Warm, sunny and NW winds.  Of note were 2 Snipe, 6 Avocets, 2 Blk T Godwits, 2 Oystercatchers and near the sluice 6 Turnstones with 4 Purple Sandpipers. KA/JBS/PRD.

23rd - Gale force winds and cold.  Seen today were 2 Purple Sandpipers, 4 Avocet, 6 Turnstones, 1 Blk T Godwit, 5 Dunlin, 4 Ringed Plovers, 6+ Redshank, 1 Snipe and 2 Med Gulls ad S + 1st W. PRD.

24th - Dry with WSW winds. A morning visit produced 2 Wheatears, 4 Avocet, 1 Dunlin, 1 Blk T Godwit, 7 Turnstone and 4+ Ringed Plovers. On the Golf Course were 3 Med Gulls 2ad+1W. PRD. This evening saw 3+ Wheatears along the seawall, 1 Snipe, 1 Barn Owl, 1 Goldcrest and off-shore heading N were 12 Curlew. KA/JBS/MR

25th - High winds and on/off rain all day.  Of note were 2 Firecrests and a single Goldcrest along the approach road. A Little Egret was on Little Holland Marsh. PRD.  

26th - Mainly overcast with high winds and some heavy rain.  1 LRP was on the scrape along with 8 Avocets, 2 Blk T Godwits and 8+ Redshank. Also noted were 6 Turnstones, 4 Ringed Plovers, 1 Brent Goose, 2 Oystercatchers, 1 Little Egret, 1 Purple Sandpiper and 4 Wheatears. A 1stW Med Gull was again on the Golf Course. PRD   (NB. The LRP brings this Haven Year's species total to 112.  As at 26/03/08 only 101 Haven Year species had been recorded). 

27th - Heavy showers and a WNW wind. 3 Wheatears still just N of the sluice and 2 Purple Sandpipers in the same area. The scrape held 1 LRP, 6 Avocet, 2 Blk T Godwits, 2 Dunlin, 5 Ringed Plovers,7 Turnstone and 4 Oystercatchers. GG/LR/PR/KA/PRD.

28th- Cold, wet and a NNW wind. The scrape produced an Egyptian Goose for less than 15 minutes before flying NE, 2 adult Med Gulls also made a brief appearance. Other bits noted were 1 LRP, 8 Avocet, 7 Blk T Godwits, 5 Ringed Plovers, 9 Turnstone and 2 Oystercatchers. GG/MR/PRD. A single Little Egret was noted. GG.

29th - Generally bright, dry but chilly. Winds later were NW.  Early morning notes along the "icy" seawall, included 6+ Oystercatchers, 6 Turnstones, 2+ Ringed Plovers, 1 each of Wheatear, Barn Owl and Sparrowhawk.  The scrape again held 1 LRP also 8 Avocet and 1 Blk T Godwit.KA.  Later additions to these were a male Wheatear, 2 adult Med Gulls, 2 Purple Sandpipers with both Ringed Plovers and Curlew up to 5+. KA/SC/PC/GG.  4 Sparrowhawks were in the same air space together over the carpark and immediate field, while 2 Common Buzzards and a Marsh Harrier were using the thermals above the far end of Little Holland Marsh. KA/GG.  Today's highlight was a Coal Tit on the feeders this afternoon. KA/GG/PRD/AD/JBS.  

30th - Light SSW winds, dry and bright.  1 Yellow Wagtail was seen this morning on the Golf Course. PBr.  The scrape produced the LRP, 5 Dunlin, 8 Avocet and 8+ Redshanks. PRD/MR.  Also noted this afternoon were 6 Turnstones, 2 Wheatear, 2 Gadwall1 Curlew, a fem Sparrowhawk and a couple of fly-over Linnets. PRD.  Others reported were 1 Blk T Godwit, 5 Oystercatchers, 2 Ringed Plovers and Dunlin at 6no. JH.

31st - Mild conditions with very slight SW winds.  Seen today were 8 Avocet, 4+ Ringed Plovers, 1 of each LRP, Snipe, Little Egret and Blk T Godwit. 10+ Redshank, 4 Turnstones, a 1stW Med Gull and a fem/imm Marsh Harrier.              5 Chiffchaff throughout the site, also singles of Wheatear, Fieldfare, Corn Bunting, Swallow and along the approach road a Blackcap. A sum plum Gt C Grebe was on the sea. PRD(Haven 09 Year species total now at 117).

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