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Key: Plain Text- Resident/Regular Visitor. Green -Likely to be Annual. Amber -Less than Annual. Red -Rarity. CAPITALS -New bird for site.

(The above "Colour Coding" changed for several species in 2013 due to some being now a more regular species at the Haven - which has got to be good, whilst others are unfortunately not seen/recorded here as much as they used to be. This coding is purely defined by ourselves for the Haven site). 

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Site Year Tick*


1st - The Red-breasted Flycatcher was still on site this morning and again (delighting many observers) it remained throughout the day. RBA/et al.  Seawatching took place at different locations on/from the Haven today with highlights of 3 Sooty Shearwaters* flying N past the site, notably at 08.10hrs, 08.23hrs and 10.10hrs.  With a probable overlap of the morning birds within the counts (07.00-18.00hrs & 07.45-09.45hrs), the highest overall figure has been used from the two reports, yielding 1 Curlew, 1 Med Gull (1W), 1 Little Gull (ad. S), 1 Black Tern (S), 2 Sandwich Terns, 4 Red-throated Divers, 40 Gannets, 2 Pintails, 8 Common Scoters, 12 Wigeon and 68 Brent Geese, as well as a Pomarine Skua (Pom) that flew S at 14.11hrs.  A Grey Wagtail (1+) was also noted. PL/DS.  The scrape still held the 3 Blk-T Godwits, alongside 20 Wigeon and 90 Teal.  The bushes notably held 3 Goldcrests. PL.  A Firecrest was located along the Approach Road at 16.00hrs. ML.  Additional notes for the day's species included singles of Jay and Blackcap, 5 Pied Wagtails and 2 Kestrels (m+fem). KK(Today, Sunday 1st October, was day 2 of the 2017 Triathlon).

2nd - Arriving on site at dawn this morning, the Red-Breasted Flycatcher was relocated (SC) and two very early visiting birders, followed by more, continued to watch the bird on/off and through into the late afternoon.  A Ringing Session of one hour, took place within the actual compound and yielded six birds of three species, including Goldcrest (the latter being re-traps of recent days). SC.  Additional birds across the site were of 1 Chiffchaff and 2 Goldcrests in the same vicinity as the R-B Fly, 1 Stonechat (male atop bushes), 1 House Martin and 2 Swallows, 1 Marsh Harrier and on the scrape a single Little Stint and 6 Blk-T Godwits. PT/BL.  

3rd - A few birders around the site today and of note, 2 Whooper Swans* were seen to drop onto the scrape at 12.00hrs and remained there-on until c15.00hrs.  A Purple Sandpiper was located on the Sluice. MR/TS/DW.  Near the Five-bar Gate (before Sluice Cottages) a Firecrest was seen and the waterfront (near Sluice) added a Wheatear. MR.

4th - At least six observers were around the site and the joint reports noted that there were 'lots of' Blue, Great and Long-Tailed Tits, only a few Swallows but a 'large movement of' House Martins.  Trees, bushes and hedgerows gave 3 Blackcaps, 10+ Chiffchaffs and 10+ Goldcrests, while flyovers included 3 Lesser Redpolls* (calling) and 40+ Goldfinches. PNt/PRD/MR.  A Peregrine (PRD) was located over on the arable, while the viewing across the scrape, the surrounding grazing marsh and skyline, yielded counts of 1 Snipe, 2 Ringed Plovers (in/out), 3 Little Stints, 4 Blk-T Godwits and c50 Lapwings, alongside 24 Wigeon, c80 Teal, 36 Canada and c100 Greylag Geese.  Additional Birds of Prey were singles of Kestrel, Sparrowhawk and Common Buzzard. JH/DW/TS/PRD/MR.

5th/6th - No reports returned.      

7th - At least four observers were around the site today and their joint report supplied noted counts of 1 Grey Wagtail, 1 Kingfisher and 1 Gt. Spotted Woodpecker, also a "few small groups of" Goldfinches heading S, 2 House Martins and 25 Swallows, while the bushes and hedgerows held 1 Blackcap, 4 Goldcrests and 10+ Chiffchaffs.  Of further note, a few Dunlin and Brent Geese were moving S off-shore during the surveys.  Across the scrape and grazing marsh were singles of Little Stint and Snipe, 3 Curlew, 6 Blk-T Godwits, 32 Wigeon and 90+ Teal.  Viewing the rear arable yielded a total of 5 Pink-footed Geese. PL/IM/MR/ML.

8th - A Ringing Session took place this morning and with the "wind staying fairly light throughout" there were some fifty-nine birds involved (2 being re-traps) and a total of nine species.  A Coal Tit, 1 Stonechat, 3 Wrens and 9 Lesser Redpolls were all party to the session, as were the species of Reed Bunting, Meadow Pipit, Goldfinch, Blue and Great Tits.  Finch movement over/through the site was noted as "quite a few" with "a conservative estimate of 25+ Redpolls being involved" within this passage.  Also viewed during the morning were 2 Stonechats, 4 Swallows, a Kestrel and a male Sparrowhawk. SC/PC.  Another Haven 2017 Year List tick came in the form of a Merlin* (PL) today - a distant bird but viewed, noted and is species number 163 for the year.  A male Peregrine was seen "hunting just off-shore", while a seawatch from 14.30-15.30hrs supplied notables of 1 Red-throated Diver, 3 Gannets, 3 Med Gulls (Ads), 2 Pintails, 12 Wigeon and 100 Brent Geese.  A few groups of mainly Goldfinches (again moving S) were noted, as were 4 House Martins and 10 Swallows (the latter +/- the previous report).  The bushes and general areas yielded 7 Blackcaps, 8 Goldcrests and 15+ Chiffchaffs, also 5 Stonechats (+/- previous report), 5 Redwings, the Coal Tit was seen on the feeders and a Gt. Spotted Woodpecker was in the vicinity.  Still in-situ on the scrape was the Little Stint which was alongside 5 Blk-T Godwits, 36 Wigeon and 100+ Teal of note. PL/IM/PRD/ML.  The feeders also gave the additions of 2 Brambling for the day's counts. LR/PR/JH.

9th - Seawatching was the preferred choice for two observers (10.00hrs-12.00hrs) and yielded the delight of a Red-necked Grebe* flying S at c11.30hrs.  Also noted were counts of Great Skua (Bonxie), 1 Great Crested Grebe, 24 Common Scoter, 25 Wigeon and some 87 Brent GeeseMR/IM.

10th - Just prior to mid-day, a juvenile Red-necked Phalarope* was located on the scrape.  The bird seemed to like the rear of the 'island' and while some views were quite brief at times, very good views were had at others - possibly more so when it was at the island's left-hand end.  Previous records being September 2003 and then in May 2015, today's Red-necked Phalarope remained visible on/off until at least 14.40hrs - when it again returned to beyond the island.  A Little Stint remained on the scrape along with 4 Snipe, 6 Blk-T Godwits, 96 Lapwings, 43 Wigeon, 134 Teal, 7 Herring and 36 Black-headed Gulls and 140 Greylag Geese of note with 5 Pink-footed Geese (PRD) also being visible for a time.  The rear hedgerows held 2 Common BuzzardsPRD/SC/PC/IM/MR/KA/AD.  (Pager reports showed the R-N Phal still on site at 17.20hrs. RBA). 

11th - Surveying the site prior to lunchtime, found that the Red-necked Phalarope was still on the scrape and was alongside the Little Stint, a Snipe, 7 Blk-T Godwits and 30+ Wigeon of note.  By the Golf Course Dump there were 2 Stonechats, while the bushes held notables of 3+ Goldcrests and 3+Chiffchaffs.  Fly overs/through were 3 Swallows  and the Sluice hosted 2 Turnstones. PRD.  Having also viewed the R-N Phal mid-morning during a different survey, a reedbed near to the Golf Course Dump provided 2 Coal Tits (Continental type). PBr.  A visit 12.30-12.45hrs further added 3 Bar-T Godwits to the day's reports. DD.

12th - The Red-necked Phalarope - into a third day on site - was viewed on the scrape this morning. MR.  A short Ringing Session today involved nine birds of five species, being of Chaffinch (a re-trap from 2014), Great Tit, Robin, Chiffchaff and Goldcrest (3 no.). SC.

13th - Into day four of the juvenile Red-necked Phalarope being on the scrape.  Initial reports as at 09.06hrs today, gave that both the R-N Phal and the Little Stint were still in-situ, alongside 1 Dunlin, 2 Snipe, 6 Blk-T Godwits and the now regular Autumn/Winter culprits of Wigeon, Teal etc. MR

14th - Both the Red-necked Phalarope (juvenile) along with the Little Stint were on the scrape again today. Located further along the site in the reedbeds near to the Golf Course Dump (11.15hrs) were 4 Bearded Tits which increased later to a definite 5, while another 2 Bearded Tits during another survey, may have been +/- the former. PRD/MR/S.  A Coal Tit was seen on the feeders and given fairly recent sightings and Ringing Sessions, this bird appeared un-ringed.  The walk along the seawall and viewing from, provided a Rock Pipit, 4 Stonechats and 10+ Reed Buntings, while overhead passage yielded Lesser Redpoll, 10+ Linnets, 25+ Meadow Pipits, 30+ Skylarks, 150+ Goldfinches and some 20+ Swallows.  The bushes and hedgerows held a couple of Chiffchaffs and several Goldcrests of note. PRD(This was day five on site for the R-N Phal)

15th - Surveying by two observers - walking through the site to the Frinton end of the boundary (i.e. stopping where the Frinton beach huts start) - found overall, that the site was a bit quiet of bird-life this morning.  By 11.00hrs, there was no sign of the Phalarope and no report of the Stint either.  Noted counts for the scrape were of 3 Snipe, 6 Blk-T Godwits, 35 Wigeon and 145 Teal.  The 'highlights' of species located around the trees, bushes and hedgerows included 1 Chiffchaff, 5 Goldcrests, 1 Redwing and a Gt. Spotted Woodpecker, while in the opposite direction, a Gt. Crested Grebe was seen to be sitting on the sea.  The wander also yielded 2 Stonechats, 1 Grey Wagtail (over), 2 House Martins and 12 Swallows heading S, Goldfinches and Meadow Pipits (both also moving S - a few small groups of each) and rounding up this report, a noted Chaffinch total of 40, being the sum of two groups flying in/off. PL/MR.  An early evening wander, added just a Rock Pipit of any note, along the seawall and rocks opposite the second hide. KA.

16th - A few observers were on and around the site this morning and a Ringing Session took place too.  Prior to an increase in the winds, the Ringing Session involved some fourteen birds of three species - being 4 Reed Buntings, 4 Lesser Redpolls and 6 Meadow Pipits.  From/in the reedbed area 1+ Bearded Tit/s were 'heard only, while there were 2 Cetti's Warblers on site (1 x reedbeds + 1 near Memorials) and sightings/passage of 4 Swallows, 5 Skylarks, 15+ Lesser Redpolls, 50+ Meadow Pipits and 350+ Goldfinches. SC/PC.  An afternoon visit (15.00-16.30hrs) yielded additional species of a Brambling (male) on the track by the second hide and between this location and the raised Golf Tee (seawall) a count of 3 pairs Stonechats, with further note of 3 Med Gulls (ads). PL.  (A Seawatching session TBA).




As at 31st October 2017 the Haven 2017 Year List stands at ---. 


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