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Year Listing at Holland Haven

The lists here are those that have been achieved through a huge amount of time, effort and commitment, over particular 'One Year' periods at Holland Haven.  The years' denoted are as per the calendar year of 1st January through to 31st December. 

Nigel Pepper set the standard for all to try and beat during 1996.

John Sawyer achieved his total during a year-long challenge against Pete Davis and Gary Gardiner in 2005

Gary Gardiner attempted to set a new Year List record during 2007.  Having a great start to the year with 100 species seen by the end of the first week of February, there then followed a lull during June/July that slowed things down a bit.  Fortunately a good October and November got things back on track.

Gary Gardiner broke his record of 2007 in 2008, with a ‘Year End’ total of 185.  This included 11 site ticks for him (and a new bird for the site with a Storm Petrel being seen).  This total was somehow achieved, during and despite, a great effort being made to generate a very good 'Essex Year List'.  The 'Essex Year' total ended on a superb 238 with an obvious great selection of species being seen throughout the year.

'Year Listing' is good fun albeit a very committed challenge.  Good Luck to those for future years! 

To see the lists achieved by the above named, click on the links below.

Nigel Pepper 1996

John Sawyer 2005

Gary Gardiner 2007

Gary Gardiner 2008