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Colour Ring Reading

STONECHAT (female)

Ringed: Weybourne, Norfolk?? Date: 15-07-2011 White over Orange (L) BTO metal over Green (R)

Metal Ring: L993125 Age: 2nd Brood Juvenile.


Field Sighting - RAF Field, Norfolk. 19-08-2011
Field Sighting - Quags, Norfolk. 23-08-2011
Field Sighting - Plateau, Norfolk. 24-08-2011
Re-trapped - Plateau, Norfolk. 25-08-2011
Field Sighting - South of Plateau, Norfolk. Sexed as female.
With juv male, possibly forming a pair bond. 02-09-2011
Field Sighting - By seawatching hide. Norfolk.
Confirmed as female. 19-09-2011
Field Sighting - By scrape with male. Norfolk. Definite female. 22-09-2011
Field Sighting - By scrape & on RAF field, Norfolk. 23-09-2011
Field Sighting - Holland Haven, Essex. 17 & 18-10-2011 P. R. Davis